International partnerships

A will of recognition at an international scale

Gabon at the heart of international diplomacy

The neutral diplomatic position adopted by the late President Omar Bongo Ondimba has allowed Gabon to build a large number of partnerships with a degree of consistency.This approach has enabled the Republic of Gabon to achieve a strong presence in the diplomatic sphere of Central Africa and be regularly consulted on African diplomatic issues.Gabon’s political stability has been a contributing factor to this influence.

Proof of Gabon’s laudable action in favour of African development:the clear recognition of the international community.During a period of two years, from January 2010 till December 2011, Gabon thus played a role in the major decisions of the United Nations Security Council.

In a world where countries on all the continents are combining into larger entities, a strong Gabon will also mean a stronger Central Africa, and vice-versa.

This is the reason why, I shall continue, with renewed intensity, to work on deepening regional integration in Africa, starting with the CentralAfrican Economic and Monetary Community (CAEMC) which should gradually become a genuine Economic and Monetary Union, with a single market and common sector-wide policies in all fields of the economy, and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).

Beyond this, we must maintain the rank of driving force behind African integration our country has always held, within the scope of the African Union.Gabon will also continue to be very active in promoting the New Partnership for Africa’s development (NEPAD) which remains an important source of leverage for the development of Africa and its integration into the dynamics of globalisation.

On the international stage, particularly in Africa, Gabon has achieved a respected position as a player whose word counts, and an active advocate of peace and mutual understanding between peoples.Our country has supported the initiatives of the United Nations on several occasions, and integrated most of the International Conventions into its domestic legal arsenal.

I shall therefore take care to consolidate and amplify Gabon’s place and role in the international bodies, particularly within the system of the United Nations and international financial institutions.On a bilaterallevel, as we consolidate relations with our traditional partners, at the same time we must consolidate and diversify our cooperation in order to draw more inspiration from the experiences of the emerging and developing countries.”stated the Head of State, Ali Bongo Ondimba, in his agenda for social change.

“Win-win” international cooperation

As President Ali Bongo Ondimba affirmed, “We must establish external relations with foreign investors on a win-win basis and at the same time, maintain a certain level of compatibility between Gabon’s needs and the needs of the global market.”

Gabon is consolidating its relations and diversifying its economic cooperation with numerous countries, contributing to Gabon’s emergence through the development of the three pillars which are “Green Gabon”, “Industrial Gabon” and “Services Gabon”.

As an example, the Gabonese state’s partnership with multinational corporations from India and Singapore concern the following major projects, in particular:

  • road infrastructure with 1,000 km of roads, including the redevelopment of the entire Route Nationale;
  • the Special economic Zone of Nkok, devoted to the transformation of timber;
  • the palm groves in the savannah areas such as Mouila, in Ngounié, and Tchibanga in Nyanga;
  • housing, with the building of moderately priced accommodation units.

Theconcrete realisation of these projects, intended to create a total of more than 50,000 direct and indirect jobsin the long term, meets the major expectations and preoccupations of the population in terms of anchor investments, economic benefits, and acknowledgement of the social need for jobs, housing and well-being.

Joint Strategic Orientation and Consensus Committee set up

The setting up of the Joint Strategic Orientation and Consensus Committee is a step towards the strengthening of Gabon’s economic activities on an international level alongside technical and financial partners.This committee embodies the government’s determination to maximise Gabon’s potential.The committee is not only intended to ensure the efficiency of the funds invested by Gabon but also to make sure there are significant returns on investment for Gabon’s economy.