Infrastructures in Gabon


The building of infrastructure constitutes a priority within the “Services Gabon” pillar.“The Future with confidence”, President Ali Bongo Ondimba’s agenda for social change, promises the end to isolation for all of Gabon by 2016. Transport and alternative services are a vital economic link in the chain of development operations.

Four lines of development have been traced to guide the works:

  • transport infrastructure and environment;
  • rolling stock and the type of transport used;
  • the regulation and building of human capacity;
  • the transport sector’s share in the national economy.

Controlling and improving the transport networks are a critical issue for Gabon.With 70% of investments injected by the government, this sector creates links between the population, the regions and business.The infrastructure can be sub-divided into four major categories:road transport, air transport, railways, rivers and maritime transport.